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Polysulphate science

We have collected links to a number of scientific papers which highlight recent research into the impact Polysulphate has on crops around the world. These are now available on the Polysulphate science page of the site

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Safety Data Sheet Polysulphate

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Polysulphate leaflet
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Polysulphate brochure
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Ten reasons to use Polysulphate
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Polysulphate for NPK granulation
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Mini Granular Polysulphate Leaflet
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Potass'Plus brochure

Prolonged Nutrient Release Pattern of Polysulphate Fertilizer
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PKpluS brochure
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PotashpluS brochure
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Product Specifications

Standard Polysulphate Product Specification
English (EC) | USA | Brazil

Granular Polysulphate Product Specification
English (EC) | USA | Brazil

Mini Granular Polysulphate Product Specification
English (EC) | English

PotashpluS 37 Product Specification
English (EC) | USA | Brazil

Fertilizing Crops with Polysulphate

Fertilizing coffee with Polysulphate
| Spanish

Fertilizing oilpalm with Polysulphate
 | Spanish

Fertilizing oilseed Rape and other brassicae with Polysulphate

Fertilizing onions with Polysulphate

Fertilizing potatoes with Polysulphate
 | Dutch | Spanish

Fertilizing starch potatoes with Polysulphate

Fertilizing wheat with Polysulphate
 | Chinese

Fertilizing wheat and barley with Polysulphate

Product & sales sheets

Polysulphate product sheet

Polysulphate sales sheet
English (USA) | Chinese | Dutch | Latin America

PotashpluS sales sheet
English (USA) | Spanish

Sofipoly sales sheet

Megapoly sales sheet

Infographic Polysulphate

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Technical updates

Spreadability of Polysulphate: straight or bulk-blended with CAN 27
English | French

Spreadability of Polysulphate bulk-blended with AN 33.5
English | French

Spreadability of Polysulphate bulk-blended with granulated Urea
English | French

Carbon footprint of Polysulphate fertilizer

ICL publications

ICL Fertilizers product catalogue
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PK Fertilizers brochure
English | Romanian

Organic Certificates