Polysulphate - global reach

9 November 2015

Our global reach has extended even further. With the publication of two new leaflets in Spanish and Portuguese, farmers in South West Europe and South America can find out all about the difference that Polysulphate™ makes to crops.

Effective fertilizer use essential
With the value of many commodity crops at low levels the effective use of inputs is more crucial than ever in order to maximise yields and minimise costs. Farmers all over the world have their fertilizer choice and application under scrutiny and we are happy to help.

Sulphur deficiency is now widespread in many of the world’s soils. Despite this deficiency many fields do not get a routine application and so farmers never get the yield boost that is possible.

The Power of Polysulphate™
Polysulphate™, a sulphate fertilizer, is mined in the UK and with 48% SO3 provides a reliable and readily available new source of sulphate. Along with the high quality sulphur it also contains three other essential plant nutrients: potassium, magnesium and calcium.

All these essentially important nutrients for excellent crop production are found in the polyhalite reserves underground that Cleveland Potash - the only producer of polyhalite fertilizer in the world - makes available for farmers to use as Polysulphate™.

Evidence impossible to ignore
We have been collating evidence from around the world of the effect that proper use of Polysulphate™ has on crops such as cereals, brassicas, rice and even the grass grown for livestock.

We share advice on methods of Polysulphate™ application that farmers can use.

Building fertility
Our website continues to provide plenty of information for farmers, their advisors and others on the effectiveness of Polysulphate™ and how it can best be applied. There are many soil types and regions - particularly in low rainfall areas - in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America that will benefit from analysis to reveal sulphur deficiency. The latest language versions, Spanish and Portugese in our leaflet collection are an important addition.

Reaching out to as many farmers as possible is our priority.