Polysulphate live results now on YouTube

29 July 2015

See the results using Polysulphate with your own eyes. Polysulphate, by ICL fertilizers, has opened a brand new YouTube channel showing the fertilizer's great results around the world.

The address of Polysulphate YouTube channel is YouTube.com/Polysulphate-fertilizer

Polysulphate is a new organic multi-fertilizer containing four key plant nutrients: sulphur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Polysulphate is a soluble, easily absorbed, cost effective answer to crop nutrition. Innovative and highly versatile, this natural, multi-nutrient mineral is low in chloride and crop safe, suitable for use alone or in blends and compound fertilizers.

The first movie shows the results of farmer Michael Zapf. Michael's farm uses Polysulphate for strawberries, corn, tobacco, asparagus and other fruits. Here's a quote from his impression of Polysulphate: "Since I started using Polysulphate, I have better quality produce that looks better, has a longer shelf life and most important – a better price from customers".

Call your local dealers and ask for Polysulphate!